Thursday, November 23, 2017

A supporter sent me this newspaper article about the Walker shooting incident.

30.06 rifle. That's pronounced a "thirty aught six", the most famous being the Springfield. The specs for the cartridge for it are 7.62 x 63 mm. And the Carcano attributed to Oswald used 6.5 x 52 mm. 

So, you consider that and the fact that the only witness, Walker's neighbor, said it involved two men (Oswald had no friends) and two cars (Oswald had no car, no license, and no ability to drive), and thus you realize that there is no evidence whatsoever pointing to Oswald. The ONLY thing pointing to him was the flapping lips of his wife. 

I will tell you here and now that the transformation of Marina Oswald into the talking puppet of her FBI/SS handlers has got to be one of the most dramatic, incredible, and speediest brainwashings to ever occur in the history of brainwashing. And, it's scary. The monstrous things she said about her own husband- it was like she became a totally different person. 

And realize that she was living in a world that was DEVOID of Oswald supporters. There was NO ONE. The only possible ones would have been her Russian family and friends- back in Russia. And, as I said,  I strongly suspect they kept her from receiving any mail from them.  Think about it: if they were planting all these ideas in her head, and then she got a letter from a close, familiar person saying, "I don't believe for a second that Alec could have done this. No way! And you know it too." They were making statements like that even decades later. So, consider how disruptive it would have been if she received such letters while she was being programmed and installed with new memories. 

Here is an article the UK's Daily Mail which says that at the time of the 50th, Marina Oswald turned down $3 million to talk about the assassination. 

She turned it down? $3 million? And all she had to do was talk? Richard Nixon talked extensively with David Frost about Watergate, which had to be uncomfortable for him, for less money than that, $600,000. But, then again, that was 1977 not 2013, and I hear there was some inflation.  

Well, the problem is that I still have this other song, which I did for Thanksgiving, in which I say Happy Thanksgiving at the end. So, I can't put it up in a month. I either have to do it now or wait until next Thanksgiving. So, that being the choice, I am putting it up now.   

But, please don't object, because this is a very sweet song. It's from  one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It starts playing when Meg Ryan is driving around Seattle trying to find the widower Tom Hanks and his son. 

Written in 1992 by Marc Shaiman and Ramsey McLean, it harkens back to that old-time music. It sounds like something Harold Arlen might have written in the 1920s, and believe me, that is a complement. Sassy, rollicking, and free-spirited, this song winks at you.  

Deservedly, it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song, but it didn't win, and that is a mystery because it is far better than any of the other songs nominated, including the one that won. 
I like the way it shuffles. I like the way it modulates from C to D flat. I like the lyrics. I like everything about this song. The name of it is: A Wink and a Smile.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I did a song for Thanksgiving, but this isn't it. But afterwards, I realized that this one is really a better song for Thanksgiving because it's about hope and looking forward to a brighter future. 

It's from the 1963 musical Pickwick (based on the Charles Dickins novel) in which a character gets mistaken for a political candidate, and he is asked by a crowd to state what he would do if elected, and he responds with this song, If I Ruled The World.  And to be honest, I changed some of the lyrics according to what I would do if I ruled the world. For instance, he said that he would make every day the first day of Spring, but that's no good. A lot of places get snowstorms on the first day of Spring. So, I made it "a warm day in Spring." 

I can't help it; I'm picky that way. But, this is really a beautiful song, written by Leslie Bricusse and Cyril Ornadel, and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

The Wizard has just made a very interesting observation and speculation. The sun on November 22 was coming from the west, and it was very glaring. And I sure as hell know because I was there on November 17, 2012, posing in the doorway. The purpose of this particular picture was to demonstrate that the sun was not causing a v-shaped shadow on my t-shirt. At the time, the azzholes were claiming that the reason Doorman's t-shirt looks vee-ish is because of chin shadow. But, as you can see, the opening of my t-shirt looks round, as I knew it would. But, I remember distinctly (and will never forget) how glaring the sun was. And I mean it was PAINFUL. You can see how much I am squinting there.  

Well, if someone was above me at the 6th floor window, wouldn't that have have been about the same angle to the sun? And if, unlike me, he was turned and facing west, that would make it WORSE. Then he would have been looking right into the sun. I wasn't looking into it. The sunlight was entering my eyes from an angle; an angle from the west. I was looking south. But still, it was painful. My eyes were weeping. And you know that in the Altgens photo, there are two people who are visoring their eyes with their hands. That Texas sun can be intense even in November. And it was warm too; in the 70s as I recall. But, the point is: wouldn't it have been hard to shoot in that westerly direction from the 6th floor looking into the sun? Of course, Oswald wasn't up there, but experts (whom I respect) have determined that NONE of the known shots were taken from the 6th floor. And certainly known of the shots that did damage were taken from there. The whole story that the shots came from there is a complete, total, utter myth. Way to go, Wizard. 
Amy Joyce has found something that is big, big, big!

It is at the press conference of DA Henry Wade. A reporter asks him "Where are you going to move him to on Sunday?"
So, by Friday night, it was already known that they were going to do the jail transfer on Sunday? And not just known by the police, but a reporter already knew it? 

But, what Amy found is that in the written transcript of the press conference, the reporter's question became, "Where are you going to move him on Monday?" 

And as I listen to the audio, it sounds to me like they may have deliberately lowered the volume when the guy says Sunday, although he definitely said Sunday.

But actually, it makes sense that they would have had it planned that early because there were things they had to do. Somebody had to contact Karen Carlin about requesting a Western Union wire from Ruby on Sunday morning- to put him close to the police garage. They had to have the scopolamine on hand, and it's not like you can buy it on the drug store, or even on the street for that matter. George Senator had to be groomed for his role. And maybe there were others at the Carousel Club who played some role in it, if only as spies. 

So, why would they want to hide it that by late Friday it was already in the hopper? I think it's because they wanted people to think that the decision was made on Saturday, and probably late Saturday. 

The most likely thing is that this was Plan B, and it went into effect the moment Oswald was taken alive at the Texas Theater. Plan A was that he would be killed there. But, as soon as it was known that that failed, the other plan, to murder Oswald during a jail transfer, went into effect. And Ruby, of course, was just their patsy. 
Today, the 54th anniversary of the JFK assassination, a ridiculous thing is circulating about Jack Ruby. You can read it, but know that it is 100% bull shit:

(CBSDFW.COM/CBSNEWS) – An FBI informant told officials that Jack Ruby, the man who eventually shot Lee Harvey Oswald, said to “watch the fireworks” on the day President John F. Kennedy was killed, according to new records the National Archives released Friday.
New records – first highlighted by University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato — describe what an FBI informant later told officials about Ruby. Oswald shot and killed JFK on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas. The interaction on the morning of the JFK assassination wasn’t officially relayed to the FBI until March 1977, and the informant was eventually revealed to be Bob Vanderslice of Dallas.
“The informant stated that on the morning of the assassination, Ruby contacted him and asked if he would ‘like to watch the fireworks,'” an FBI record dated April 6, 1977, says. “He was with Jack Ruby and standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the Texas School Book Depository Building at the time of the shooting. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News Building.”
Vanderslice told the FBI in 1977 that Ruby said nothing to him immediately after the assassination. But the informant said that after Ruby was arrested for killing Oswald, he was also arrested on an unrelated charge, and Vanderslice got to know Ruby better in the Dallas County Jail.
Ralph Cinque: It's stupid. Don't you think that everyone who was involved in the assassination was on a "need to know" footing? Meaning that you didn't tell anyone or discuss it with anyone except those who were involved, who had a role in it?  
So, why would Jack Ruby tell this Vanderslice fellow? What did he need to do that for? Just so that he could have someone to watch it with? Why assume that Jack Ruby (or any of those who were actually involved) would be so flippant about it?  
And what about Vanderslice? He got arrested for an unrelated charge, and it must have been pretty serious since he didn't get out on bail. He remained in jail. But, if he had secret information about Jack Ruby, why didn't he use it at the time? You know; bargain with it? Jack Ruby claimed to be in the Dallas Morning News building during the assassination, not at the corner of the Postal Annex Building, facing the TSBD. And if Ruby was there to "watch the firworks" wouldn't he  place himself closer to the action than Houston and Commerce, which is where that building is? That was a block and a half from Houston and Main, where the limo entered the top of Dealey Plaza, and it was a long way from the Kill Zone. Did Ruby bring binoculars? 
It's all bull shit. Don't you see? From the start, they were luring people to believe that Ruby was involved in the JFK killing so that his supposed shooting of Oswald would be explained and motivated. And they are still doing it. They want you to believe that because it will take you further away from the truth, which is that Ruby was innocent.   

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, owns the Washington Post. But, nothing has changed since he bought it regarding their coverage of the JFK assassination. They are all Monster Oswald all the time. And now, they're mining the newly released documents, just as we are, except their purpose is to find nuggets that will support the official story. The following concerns Oswald's Thursday night visit to Irving, the evening before the assassination:

So, Oswald learned Russian in the Soviet Union? He was speaking and reading Russian in Santa Ana, California in his last hitch as a Marine, Jeff. He took and passed (barely) a Russian proficiency exam in February 1959.  

And in Russia, he never went to school to study Russian. There were individuals who worked with him some, but I don't believe any of them were formal language instructors. He worked in Russia: at a radio factory. Full-time. And when he wasn't working, he was mostly out galavanting with his friends and chasing girls. How do you think he met Marina? And when she met him, he spoke Russian so well, she thought he was a native speaker. She never dreamed that he was an American- until he told her. 

So, that's lie number one, Jeff. But, let's look at what your writer, Michael S. Rosenwald, said about Oswald speaking "terrible hardly recognizable Russian."

(Oh, and by the way, you might want to tell him to get acquainted with the comma, him being a writer and all.)

But listen, Jeff. Are you aware that when Oswald returned from Russia, the first thing he did was visit a Russian geologist in Dallas to demonstrate his Russian speaking and reading ability? And after testing him, Peter Gregory gave him the letter, stating that he was qualified to be a professional Russian translator? Did you know that, Jeff?  

And what about the Russian George DeMohrenschildt, Jeff? He was very impressed with Oswald's Russian speaking ability. And he said that Oswald could read the classics in Russian. Tolstoy. Dostoyevsky. That bunch. 

Now, notice that that phrase, "terrible hardly recognizable Russian" is a link. You can click on it, and it takes you to the supposed evidence that Oswald's Russian stunk badly.

You may not have read it, Jeff, because, I realize, you're a pretty busy guy. But, what you get when you go there is this:

You see, Jeff, it wasn't a wire tap. It was a phone tap. And it was done in Mexico City. But, guess what, Jeff? Oswald never went to Mexico City. He said he didn't. And, he had no reason to lie about that. There are no images of him from Mexico City, except phony ones. And even the descriptions of him from Mexico City don't pan out. Sylvia Duran, supposedly, had a torrid affair with him in Mexico City, except that she said that he was her height (5'3") and that he had blond hair. 

Jeff, the great lawyer and researcher Mark Lane determined by December 7, 1963 that Oswald never went to Mexico City. And, Mark Lane gave a lecture once at UCLA (my alma mater) in Royce Hall (I remember it) in which he stated Oswald never went to Mexico City. And the CIA agent David Atlee Phillips, who ran the CIA bureau in Mexico City, came up to Mark Lane afterwards and told him that he was right: that Oswald never went to Mexico City. He also told Mark Lane that the CIA knows very well that the real Oswald never went to Mexico City. 

So, Jeff, I don't know who it was speaking the crappy Russian on the phone in Mexico City, but it wasn't the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame. He spoke excellent Russian.

Jeff, I know you have risen to the top, and you have always supported the system. And it may be true that you could never have done it without supporting the system. But, the official story of the JFK assassination is part of that system, Jeff, and it is evil. It is wicked. It is as dastardly as anything you can think of, and probably worse than your worst nightmares. 

You have the power now, Jeff, and nobody can take it away from you. I have no doubt that you are a good and decent man, and I know you have plans to do good with your money.  The official JFK story needs to be toppled, Jeff. It's a lie. It's part of the religion of the State, Jeff. But, it doesn't have to be your religion.