Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Paul Popa popped in tonight, so we decided to record a song. This is one I had hoped to record with Karen Mitchell, but time ran out on her last visit after doing the two songs that we did, for which I am very grateful because it's always an honor to play with her. But, this is indeed a very beautiful song written by the great French composer Michel LeGrand. It was written for the 1982 movie Best Friends which starred Patti Austin and James Ingram,  and they sang it magnificently together. The lyrics were written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman, and get this: at the 1983 Academy Awards, 4 songs were nominated for Best Song, and 3 of them had lyrics written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. And, it was one of their songs that won, It Might Be You by Dave Grusin from the movie Tootsie. And, that is an absolutely gorgeous song, so I can't blame the Academy for making it the winner. But this nominated song by Michel LeGrand is also very nice, and it has endured very well. It's called: How Do You Keep The Music Playing

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This is another image from the Wizard, showing how long the ramp was and is, and how unlikely it is that Ruby slipped past Vaughan, and that Vaughan never once turned around and saw him walking down the ramp.

One doesn't guard a ramp standing still. For one thing, it would be uncomfortable to do that. You stand still for too long and blood starts pooling in your legs. When you move, you contract muscles that squeeze blood up the veins, which have one-way valves, which prevent it from falling back down. So, you walk back and forth, left to right, and also forward and back. And when you change direction, you have to turn, so which way would you turn? I should think both, that sometimes you would turn facing the street and other times facing the interior. The point is that even if you accept that Ruby slipped past Vaughan (which I neither accept nor grant) he would still most likely have spotted Ruby before he reached the bottom. I have mentioned that it wasn't just Vaughan plus three other officers in a police car, supposedly. But, it wasn't just them either. There was a 5th officer, Nate Daniels. Well, he was a former officer and still a friend of the department, and for the purpose of observing Ruby do it, there's really no difference. Wouldn't he have said something if he saw it? So, he didn't see it either. So now, we have 5 police officers who didn't see it. But, it wasn't just those 5. What about the spectators? They saw the situation. They were aware that this cop was guarding the ramp, trying to keep people out. So, if someone got past him and was walking down there, being good citizens, wouldn't they have said something? "Officer, there is a guy walking down there." How hard is it to say that? So, not one of them saw it either? Everyone there was blind to Ruby? 

Here is how they depicted it in the Ruby and Oswald tv movie.

Ahhhh. The guys next to Ruby had their heads turned. They were distracted. They didn't see him. It's not that they were bad citizens; they were just distracted. Just didn't see him. Shame. That is how the cookie crumbles. But, it goes to show that even the makers of this ridiculous movie realized there was a credibility problem about Ruby entering unseen. Now look further.

What about that third guy there? He had to see Ruby approaching. And even here, Ruby is still in his visual field. So, he doesn't react either? Everybody was blind to Ruby. They didn't see him. Vaughan never turned around. It was like Ruby was invisible. They didn't know a thing until the shot went off. 

The filmmakers were clever the way they staged this, but it still has zero credibility. There is NO WAY it happened. And there is also no way anybody facilitated Ruby getting in by way of a different way, opening a door for him, etc. You can't suggest a conspiracy between Ruby and the Dallas Police because nobody would engage in such a conspiracy of self-destruction. People conspire because they expect to win. They expect to come out smelling like a rose. Plus, if the Dallas Police conspired with Ruby, how could they trust him to keep his mouth shut afterwards? For three years? It's ridiculous. They would have had to kill him immediately. So, Ruby did get in here, this way, but it was earlier- before Vaughan got there. And I suspect that the "spectators" not only let him pass but egged him on- with something as simple as a head toss- the kind that says, "go on".  Ruby was drugged, and one of the drugs he took made him highly suggestible. Ruby said he took twice his regular dose of amphetamines plus 7 extra pills. How did that happen? Did George Senator put him up to it? And Ruby does look pretty out of it after his arrest.

He was reported to be mumbling after his arrest. That is: it was reported once and never said again. 
Robert McPherson:

if young E.Howard was 1970's supoeneaed as presenting Ruby with a pistol --then the presentation you make of Ruby would firstly have to explain how tending to your ads also makes you a night club owner; and then how we wouldnt know if the Mafia and Texas law officials regularly frequented Mafia pay-rolled Dallas clubs. Before we assume "And Ruby never lied. He didn't have it in him to lie. He pleaded to take a polygraph test, and he repeatedly requested to be put on truth serum" --providing the names of the Texas officers that decided to have this re-call --might clear up whether Ruby one day earlier was three witnesses observed in Watergates Frank Sturgis's company). 'Delivered to Ruby a pistol' -is probably of the meaning of not fantasy --eg "In the month prior to the assassination, Ruby telephoned Irwin Weiner, a "frontman for organized crime"; Robert "Barney" Baker, an associate of Jimmy Hoffa's; Nofio J. Pecora, a lieutenant of the reputed Louisiana Mafia boss Carlos Marcello; Lewis McWillie, who had ties with organized crime figures Santos Trafficante and Meyer Lansky; and Murray "Dusty" Miller, another individual closely allied with Hoffa and the Mafia." etc.

Ralph Cinque:

Ruby didn't own the building, but he and his sister Eva owned the businesses: the Carousel Club and the Vegas Club. And it is not in doubt. Ruby was not an employee there. He was the operator of the business, and everyone else worked for him. Where are you getting "Mafia payrolled" from? And what does that mean? That the Mafia was paying Ruby's employees? That's ridiculous. 

So, was Jack Ruby in the company of Frank Sturgis one day before? One day before what? I presume he means either the JFK murder or the Oswald murder. 

I checked Ken Rahm's Jack Ruby timeline page, which is very comprehensive, and his only reference to a Ruby/Sturgis connection is Marita Lorenz claiming that on November 21, the day before JFK was killed, that there was a meeting at a motel that involved Sturgis and Ruby and several others, including "Ozzie." And it was at 2 AM. Now, you know the Oswald of fame, the Oswald we know, wasn't there. And know this about Marita Lorenz: she told the HSCA that she knew and saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Florida during the time that the Oswald of fame was in Russia. And, the HSCA lawyer really lambasted her, pointing out the impossibility of it, but she stuck to her guns. So, what is the reality of that? The reality is that she knew a Lee Harvey Oswald, but it was not the one who went to Russia and wound up at the TSBD. The Oswald of fame NEVER went to Florida. So, if she was wrong about seeing the Oswald of fame in Florida (and she was), don't you think she could be wrong about seeing the Oswald of fame at a motel in Dallas? And wrong about seeing Ruby there as well? 

And note that there are other sightings of Jack Ruby at 2 AM on November 21. Little Lynn got sick (bless her heart) and Ruby stayed with her until 4 or 5 AM. That's one report, but, there are others.

Did Ruby telephone Chicago bail bondsman Irwin Weiner a month before? Well, Weiner to the Warren Commission said this:  

Mr. WEINER - I never had contact with Jack Ruby, never socially. Never went with him anywhere, never broke bread with him, never had anything to do with Jack Ruby at any time in my life.

He said they had been friends as kids, and he knew his brother Earl. 

Could he have been lying? I suppose. But, it's the person making a claim who has to prove what he's claiming. If Jack Ruby had some sinister relationship with Irwin Weiner, where's the evidence? Robert McPherson lip-flapping it is not evidence.

Robert Barney Baker, an aid to Jimmy Hoffa, told the FBI that Ruby called him once and asked him about his labor problems at the clubs, and Baker said he offered no help. And that was it. So, shall we assume from that Ruby was involved with Jimmy Hoffa? 

I could go on, but you get the idea. All of these claims are false. There are as many false claims about Ruby as there are about Oswald. Jack Ruby was not a gangster. He probably knew some gangsters, but that didn't make him a gangster. And there is not a shred of evidence that he had anything to do with the JFK assassination. The many "Ruby sightings" in Dealey Plaza are all false; every last one. All this stuff is just baiting and battering the buffs.  

Monday, March 19, 2018

I have received more images from the Wizard which prove that there was no microphone hanging from the ceiling, as seen in the Beers photo, that it was definitely added to the image, falsely.

And, when you think about it logically, you know there was no microphone there all the time. So, would they have hung one? For a 30 foot walk to a car? How would it have helped keep Oswald safe? 

So, the first image is the Johnson photo, which shows no mic.

So surely, if there were a mic in Beers, we would see one here. 

Then, there is this photo: and likewise, there is no mic. 

The Wizard also sent this image of the ramp, and as you can see, it's pretty darn long.

So, even if you cling to the insanity that Ruby got past Vaughan, who was on high alert, Ruby had a long walk ahead of him. Wouldn't Vaughan have been looking down the ramp some of the time? Wouldn't he have inadvertently, if not deliberately, turned that way? And when he did, wouldn't he have caught a glimpse of Ruby from behind? 

It is just plain ridiculous to think that Vaughan screwed up and bungled his assignment. He wouldn't. He couldn't. He didn't. Jack Ruby made his entrance before Vaughan ever got there.  

The people who believe that Jack Ruby was involved in the JFK assassination are being ridiculous. If he were, they would have had to kill him right away. Or what? Just trusted him to keep his mouth shut even though they were prosecuting him and trying to put him to death? Ruby lived for 3 years, and he had a string of lawyers, who were all hounding him for information. You think the plotters just counted on him to remain silent until they pulled the switch on the electric chair? If Ruby was involved, or if he had any inside knowledge whatsoever, they would have killed him pronto. They would not have let him live three years.

And eventually, Ruby started claiming that LBJ was involved in the JFK assassination, but he just got that from Everett Haley's book, A Texan Looks At Lyndon. That's all. Nowhere else. 

Don't you get it? They planted those alternate stories just because they wanted the doubters to lean that way.  If people weren't going to accept the official story, of him doing it to spare Jackie a trip to Dallas or to become a hero to the American people, they wanted them to go in that direction- towards complicity in the whole JFK assassination plot. The important thing was that they never question whether he really did it- killed Oswald. They don't really care why you think he killed Oswald, so long as you think he did it-so long as you don't take the first mental step towards recognizing the truth, that he was innocent. 

Whatever job you think Jack Ruby did in the JFK assassination, whether you think he was just delivering men and rifles or whether, like Tom Tilson, you think he was a shooter, they didn't need him for that.  Just as they didn't need Oswald to shoot Kennedy and would never in a million years have chosen him to do it (What about working at a radio factory in Russia for 3 years and chasing Russian girls prepares one to be an assassin?) they likewise would never have made Jack Ruby an insider in the JFK assassination. He was a talkaholic; he was strung out on amphetamines; he was naive; juvenile; flighty in thought; always going off on tangents. How do you trust a guy like that, who non-stop rambles, with  deep, dark secrets?

It's all fake. All the sightings of Jack Ruby in Dealey Plaza are fake. It wasn't him. He wasn't there. He really was at the Dallas Morning News office, tending to his ads, just as he and many others said. 

And Ruby never lied. He didn't have it in him to lie. He pleaded to take a polygraph test, and he repeatedly requested to be put on truth serum. Who does that? Not a liar. 

The truth is the opposite. Jack Ruby was not only not involved in the JFK assassination; he wasn't involved in the Oswald assassination either- except as patsy. He knew nothing about it.  

Look: if you are having trouble accepting this, just keep saying to yourself over and over: they let him live for 3 years; they let him live for 3 years; they let him live for 3 years; they let him live for 3 years. They would NEVER have let him live 3 days, never mind 3 years, if he had any involvement in the JFK assassination. 
Somebody put this image up on Facebook without comment, and I presume he is a supporter of the despicable, moronic, imbecilic  Prayermanites.

It is a bogus image.  You hear me? Freaks, like the guy top center and the microencephalic guy on the left, do not exist in Nature. They're not human. And who are all those people crowding the doorway? It was less than 10 seconds after the last shot. Officer Marrion Baker hadn't even reached the steps yet, and he said he got there within 10 seconds. How could the doorway here be populated so totally different from the other images of the doorway. Here it is compared to the Wiegman doorway, taken just a few seconds before.
And frankly, this one is pretty freaky too. What is Sigmund Freud with a highly muscular arm wearing a toga doing there?

They have been screwin' with the doorway images since Day 1, and it's our minds that have been getting screwed. Every single one of the doorway images have been tampered with, but none more so than this:

 This is noise.  This is a "baiting the buffs" thing. They say it's from the Darnell film, but pluck that. I don't know where the hell it came from. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

I am putting this up, which I received in a bulk email, because I think it has a bearing on JFK assassination truth. If there were an economic collapse due to the impossible finances of the U.S. government, then JFK assassination truth might just erupt overnight.  

Unpayable! America's debt is hellish!

At $21 trillion, the U.S. national debt is not even a number anymore. It's becoming abstract.

Most Americans don't even know it exists since the ramifications of running such a bloated-up deficit have never stopped the country from paying its obligations.

The U.S. government doesn't miss a payment, ever, but here's a snapshot of its financial situation:

The Federal deficit, which is the difference between the expenditures made by Congress and the money collected through taxes, stands at over $730B, but that's small compared to the US Federal spending, already approved by the president of over $4 trillion.

To repay it, every citizen will need to come up with $65,000; put differently, each taxpayer will need to send the Federal government a $175,000 check.

Medicare payments already cost $1.2 trillion, with social security coming in second at $1 trillion.

The debt to GDP ratio sits at 106%, which is more than most other nations on the planet.

Given the choice between loaning the Federal government money or holding a piece of burning coal, it might be a less painful notion to get burned.

I have seen some wild interest payments due by populations in my travels around the globe, but a country, which pays $2.6 trillion a year, when combining household, state level, Federal level, and businesses combined, should take a close, hard look at what has gone wrong.

On average, every family in America is $850,000 in debt, when dividing total debt by the number of families, while total savings per family stand at a "whopping" $4,345 – it's a joke.

We're at the end of the road for this experiment. The fuse is shortening.

Thomas Beck