Saturday, October 21, 2017

Backes ain't sure. 

"That this might have been prearranged prior to the assassination, or the story was created very shortly afterwards by the DPD.."

Prearranged? By whom? Name names, mudderfrucker. Created very shortly afterwards by the DPD? Again, by whom? Fritz? Curry? Who? 

And if it was prearranged, doesn't that mean that it happened? 

Then, the blithering idiot writes this, saying absolutely nothing; it's just gibberish:

"So, if no matter what you're going to believe the Baker-Truly-Oswald encounter then you have to lie. You have to alter the story.  This has been going on since day one.  They tell the story. Upon investigation the story is a lie. Oh, well, if you change the story to this and this, bobbing and weaving around the evidence that demonstrates the story is a lie, pretending you're taking into account it's inherent flaws and contradictions, pretending you're addressing the criticisms, then repackage the original story with these new improvements then everything's fine, and the great original Warren Commission conclusions stand.  it's withstood the test of time, they claim.  Nothing has come along to refute...."

Spew much?

Then, he criticizes the quality of the images I posted of the 2nd floor lunch room, not knowing that they came directly from his friend, Bart Kamp.

Then, Backes, unbelievably, thinks he has to tell anyone this, 54 years later, as if we never realized that the lunch room encounter was used to link Oswald to the 6th floor. 

"Plus there's information that destroys the whole issue.  Why would Oswald be in the second floor lunchroom at all?  Well, it helps with the time line of Oswald coming down from the 6th floor, if he stopped to get a coke on the second floor in the second floor lunchroom, and it helps to make the Dallas cops look less stupid if a cop did see Oswald there."

Someone is looking stupid, Backes, and you'll find him in the mirror. 

Then, Backes puts up this picture of a Dr. Pepper machine on the 1st floor, to suggest that if Oswald wanted a Coke, he could have settled for a Dr. Pepper.

But, Backes, you just got done saying that the purpose of Oswald being in the 2nd floor lunch room was to link him to the 6th floor. And since he personally had no reason to be linked to the 6th floor, it means that someone else must have spurred him to the lunch room. But, let's look closer at the Dr. Pepper machine.

To me that looks like a refrigerator on the right, and then to the left of it? A Dr. Pepper machine? Really? 

I found some images of vintage Dr. Pepper machines from the 1960s.

 Why should anyone think that this is a Dr. Pepper machine?

My point is that we all have an expectation of what a Dr. Pepper machine looks like. So how can someone post this image and presume that everyone is going to recognize in it a Dr. Pepper machine?

"Oh, a Dr. Pepper machine. Of course."

It's ironic that what Backes is doing here is parroting the argument made by Vincent Bugliosi in his book, that if Oswald wanted a soft drink, then why didn't he get a Dr. Pepper instead of a Coke? And that is ridiculous on the face of it because maybe he had a hankering for a Coke at that particular moment. People do drink both, you know.  

But really, the whole issue is a red herring. There is a very important thing that people need to realize, that for Oswald to beat Baker to the lunch room, even though Baker was running and Oswald was just walking (not the least bit out of breath, etc.) he must have left the doorway early. And that means that Oswald must have left the doorway right after the Altgens photo was taken. And I really do mean right away, within 2 seconds. Now, why would he do that for any kind of soft drink? Forget about the difference between Coke and Dr. Pepper. Why would he leave for either one when JFK was still in Dealey Plaza, and there was a commotion going on that involved gunfire? People in that doorway did hear the shots, and some of them recognized them as shots and thought "gunshots" immediately. But, even if you thought it was firecrackers, why would you leave at that moment? It makes no sense to think that Oswald actually left the doorway and went back inside for the sake of getting a Coke or a Dr. Pepper. He wound up getting a Coke, but it doesn't mean that he left to get one. 

I maintain that Oswald must have been told to go to the lunch room. And I'll point out that the vast majority of Oswald defenders agree that he was told to go to the Texas Theater. They don't think that he just had a hankering for a war movie right after the President got shot. Well, he didn't just have a hankering for a Coke right after the President got shot either. Like the theater, Oswald must have been instructed to go to the lunch room. His actually getting a Coke was incidental to that. 

Hey! I'll remind you that he got popcorn at the theater. It doesn't mean that he went there to get popcorn. It just happened. Same thing in the lunch room with the Coke. 

Backes, you're dumb as dirt.

Bart Kamp. What an idiot. Is he Joseph Backes' long lost brother? This is how he tries to equate Prayer Man with Oswald, pointing to buttons. 

You're supposed to be able discern a button there, but in the words of the vernacular, it's a stretch. But, it's also moot, since Oswald didn't have any buttons there. His shirt had only the two lowest buttons. Furthermore, Oswald's shirt was sprawled open. It was parted like the Red Sea, except it was more like the White Sea, the white of his t-shirt.

So, how HOW HOW can anyone possibly equate these two?

And keep in mind that many are now saying that Prayer Man was actually Prayer Woman. 

ROKC: Really Obtuse Kennedy Clowns. 
The utter stupidity of Backes and Kamp and the others who say that Oswald did not ride the bus and cab is revealed by the bus transfer ticket found on Oswald.

Now, if you want to say that they didn't find it on him (even though he admitted it was his; that's part of the record) that they just lied, then you're just being stupid. You're being more stupid than they were, and I don't consider them bright. And that's because of the risk involved with planting the ticket. 

You've heard the expression:

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

That's from a poem by Robert Burns, but John Steinbeck took a phrase from it, "Of Mice and Men" and wrote one of the most famous novellas of all time.

But, the point is that they would never concoct a story that Oswald rode the bus and cab AND ALSO plant bogus physical evidence on him. They weren't that stupid. ROKC people are that stupid, but the plotters who killed Kennedy and framed Oswald weren't that stupid. They knew that something might happen that made it crystal that Oswald didn't ride the bus. And then that bus transfer ticket would have been an albatross around their necks; something that they couldn't take back.

So, what could have happened? First, Oswald could have lived. He could have survived. Not every assassination attempt is successful. How many plots and assassination attempts did they have to kill Castro? It may have been hundreds! And he lived to 2016. 

So, Oswald could have survived, and if he did, he'd have told his lawyer, "You know, I didn't ride the bus and cab, and they're saying that I did." And what his lawyer have done? He would have torn the Dallas Police to shreds. Do you remember in the OJ trial how the Dream Team turned it into a trial of Mark Fuhrman, where they even had him taking the 5th on the witness stand? Well, it would have been worse than that at Oswald's trial.

But, there is plenty else that could have gone wrong because if Oswald didn't take the bus and cab, it means he did something else and went somewhere else, and evidence of that could easily have surfaced. Somebody could have seen him when he was doing what he actually did. Oswald may have seen something when he did what he actually did which his knowledge of would have proven that he did it. And there is plenty more that could have gone wrong. The witnesses that they came up with to support their story could have failed, either deliberately or just from being lousy liars and lousy actors. 

There was so very much that could go wrong. But, as long as they didn't come up with phony physical evidence, they could always plead dumb. "So, he didn't ride the bus and cab. I guess we were wrong. No harm, no foul." But, if they planted a bus ticket on him, there was no taking that back. There was no talking point for it. It was like a smoking gun; their smoking gun. 

The whole idea that the Dallas Police had nothing better to do that afternoon but concoct a bus and cab ride for Oswald is ridiculous on the face of it, but when you throw in the bus transfer ticket, you realize that it's not just ridiculous; it's impossible. The bus transfer was entered into evidence at 4:00, right at the time of Oswald's first lineup. Oswald wasn't arrested until 1:45. He didn't get to the PD until 2:00. He didn't start talking to Fritz until 3:15. So, how could they come up with a phony bus transfer for Oswald at 4? How could they possibly come up with it so fast?

I've said many times, and I'll say it again that some people should not be doing this. They are not smart enough to do it. They don't mental aptitude. And that certainly applies to these ROKC people. A dumber lot has never poured over the JFK assassination. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Here is the 2nd floor lunch room, and you can see everything.

So, the distant door is the door with the window through which Baker was looking from the stairwell. There was one like it on the other side, out of view to us. And the door to the lunch room proper is front and center and sprung open, just as it was that day. Oswald came from the office side through the swinging door and went directly to the center doorway and to enter the lunch room. Baker saw him right when he was in that passageway room. 

And when Baker got into the passageway room facing the lunch room, he saw Oswald walking, apparently at a normal pace, through the room. The angle of the above view does not show the Coke machine. This does:

There it is on the left. And I have to think that Baker saw Oswald before he got to it because he would have been practically out of the room, plus, it would not have taken Baker that long to get Oswald in view again. 

Baker specified the distance: 20 feet. Of course, it was just an approximation. 

So, where was Oswald going. What exactly was he going to do if Baker hadn't called him back?

Well, judging by the look of it, one could argue that he was going to get a Coke. Again, I don't think he passed the Coke machine yet. And after Truly and Baker left, he did get a Coke. 

Beyond the Coke machine there was another door which led to what looks like another passageway to the Conference room. But, it would be arbitrary to say that he was going there. What he, in fact, did was turn around and approach Baker without saying anything, which I find VERY STRANGE. I should think that if a cop was pointing a gun at you that you would say something, maybe even, DON'T SHOOT. I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING. And I should think that one might instinctively put one's hands up to show that you're unarmed and not a threat. But, Oswald didn't do anything. He just walked up to him, saying nothing. It's strange.

And then, when Truly and Baker left, Oswald got his Coke and then reversed his steps and took the same route he took to get there, encountering Mrs. Reid in the office area. 

They didn't need Baker. If someone else saw Oswald in the lunch room shortly after the shooting, it would have been just as good. Of course,  it couldn't be TOO soon after the shooting because obviously it had to look like he had sufficient time to get down there from the 6th floor. 

So, there was some delicacy involved, but the witness did not have to be a cop. Most of the time, witnesses aren't cops. Right? And when you consider that Oswald admitted to Fritz seeing an officer in the lunch room, then why wouldn't he admit seeing someone else there- if he did?  Of course, he would have. He was innocent. He had no reason to lie about seeing someone in the lunch room. 

So, they didn't need Baker. Not at all. 

In all probability, Baker just came along. Nobody tapped him on the shoulder that morning and said, "Hey, you've got an important role to play today, and I don't mean being a motorcycle escort." Nobody said squat to him.

I can't say whether Truly made any effort to steer Baker to Oswald. It doesn't appear so. 

No, Backes, it's not that, you dumb pluck. It's Photoshopping- or the equivalent. 

And, you can use Photoshop to edit and enhance video.

"Color correct video with the tools you know in Photoshop."

Look at the size of the target they used in the CBS reenactment.

Here's the view from the Sniper's Nest.

So, this guy just had to get it in the pink, and it was considered a hit.

And if you watch the video, you'll see that for the multiple marksman, it was very easy and smooth and rapid for them to recycle the bolt.  But, we know those Carcanos are notorious for being rough and sticky.

It was NEVER that smooth and easy for Jesse Ventura. He had trouble getting it in. He was told to "slam it." And when he did, his comment was, "What a piece of shit."

Now, we know that Caracanos were typically hard to operate. Here is an article by the editor of GunsAmerica Paul Helsinki in which he reported his own experience that "the bolt was very hard to close."

Tony Heller also tested a standard, typical Carcano:

I bought a 1938 Italian Carcano 6.5 x 52 rifle last year, the same one Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have killed JFK with – and  finally had a chance to test it out today.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.44.46 PM
At 150 feet, standing, using gun sights it made about an 18 inch spread. By contrast, my 1936 Mosin 7.62 x 54R made about a two to three inch spread – fired the same way. If all Carcano’s are like that, they are completely useless as a sniper rifle. It is the most inconsistent rifle I have ever fired.
RC: The WC admitted upgrading Oswald's rifle for its snipers, but what about CBS? Don't you think they made sure that they're marksmen had an easy to operate, fast-cycling rifle? We know damn well they did because we can see how easily and without any hangups they worked the bolt. Watch it:
Remember what I've been saying for a very long time: the U.S. government killed Kennedy. And therefore, no test conducted by the U.S. government can be trusted. And CBS News? They're just like Pravda was to the Soviet Union.  
I would certainly trust Jesse Ventura over either of them.
I'll tell you what's needed: a test conducted by NO ONE with ANY connections WHATSOEVER to the U.S. government or any of its agencies, and also with no connections whatsoever to the mainstream media. The rifle would have to be certified by a committee of independent firearm experts who have no connection to the US Military and no prior association with each other, and they would have to establish, in a public demonstration, that the rifle was in the same defective condition as Oswald's alleged rifle was on 11/22/63. Then the test could be conducted, ideally, in Dealey Plaza from the 6th floor window, where manikins sit in a remote-controlled limo, and of course all other traffic would be stopped and the area cleared. The marksmen would have to be of comparable in training and experience to Oswald, that is, having done the minimal amount of shooting required by the Marines for a non-combat Marine, which Oswald was. 
That's how it has to be done. The rest is noise. 
The most valid test, so far, was done by Jesse Ventura.